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Mirror Universe

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1.This community has been designed for role-playing only. We request that muns please refrain from using this site for OOC posts, as they will be removed. We ask that plotline discussions and related matters be held in personal journals instead.

2. This is a mirror universe that has been created for all muses from all different universes. Feel free to join us.

3. Original muses are welcome to participate in role-playing with their mirror versions. It will be amusing...

4. There is no limit to how many mirror-versions of ones muse that can exist. Variety is the spice of life!

5. Once again we request that muns refrain from posting in mirror-universe rp scenes as themselves or as the "mun". Please post as your muses only.

6. Just to save confusion of bouncing around through many journals, we request that mirror universe rps occur in mirror community. It's just easier for other players to keep up with what is happening here ;)